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2 Okuma Coldwater CD303D Reels

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I have for sale to cold water 30 3-D reels in like new condition bought over the Winter fish with a 1/2 a dozen times this season. The only reason I'm Selling is to upgrade to the shinano Tekota's. These have 7 strand wire on them. There is 2 different wires but both have 7 Strand.$225 shipped to the US. These do not come with the rods reel only. Thanks 20180723_150202.jpg20180723_150219.jpg


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If you buy them from certain places (like Capt. Chuck’s) they upgrade the drags in them. This is how I bought two of mine...spooled with wire and upgraded drags. If I close my eyes, I can’t feel the difference between mine and a Tekota.


Thanks for the update!

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