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for sale : usa Walker Mini Laker down riggers,- 2 for $50-mint cond..

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Guys.. here's   the current price on these Walker minis... each ...



 They are in mint condition.. I would   rather not ship them as  several folks have asked... Fedex or UPS  is a 50 mile round trip from me , and USPS shipping would cost as much as  I am asking  for the downriggers/weights... Also I am not always available to "meet half way".. Not when I am asking $50 for 2 nice little almost new  downriggers with weights... I suppose I could meet someone in Ithaca at some point, but not going to make a special trip ...  I get there on occasion, but not on any regular schedule... If they don't sell in week or two, I might ship them but the box would need to  be weighed/measured, and the buyer would need to add shipping to the cost which will  be considerable.... bob


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