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Keuka Keuka jigging

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Well finally some good news. Boated 5 lakers and lost one at the boat. Also 4 or 5 bumps yesterday at the Penn Yan end of the lake (70 - 90 fow).They liked white or green tube. Impressive number of laker blips on my ff. Also good number of small bait balls. Lot of suspended laker blips just under the thermocline. Normal size lakers for Keuka (less than 22 inches ) but will be some good eating tomorrow after marinate in lemongarlicious and charcoal grill. Do not normally fish the east branch but looks like I need to hit it more often.


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Nice going Guff. They were in that arm big time during the ice fishing there and we nailed a few on the light tackle and they were fun. Many were very skinny though for their size and had empty stomachs then.

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Hi Sk8 - In the process of gutting them on the lake I saw quite a bit of digested material in the stomach. I did not take the time to check it out more closely so not sure what it was. Definitely not sawbellies. Have seen tiny shrimp in them in the past. Will check it out next week more thoroughly. Just my opinion but my theory is that because Keuka lakers do not eat sawbellies they are less oily and top notch eating. Just my thought, probably wrong. Did find sawbellies in stomachs once this winter in the west branch but have not seen any since.

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