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Escape Sandy Creek Shootout and prefishing

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We started the morning by putting together a game plan to go offshore and try to find out if the offshore bite was worth the trip. We ran out and started in 300’. We trolled north until the 33 line and then turned back south. We picked fish all the way but the water was uniform from 300’ out. We had the same 45* down 40’ all the way out and all the way back in. On the way back in, we found a break that was not there in the morning in 315’. We spent some time near it a found some good kings and steelhead. We ended up putting a decent box together.
We went back to the 300’ zone and worked it for a while and had a great bite on meat and flies. We left those fish alone and checked out the water inside of that and found some fish but not there class and numbers we were looking for. We had a decent 4 fish box around the upper 70’s for our best four. We ended up taking fourth place in the Big Fish Friday event with a 21 and change king.
 We started the morning with a crew member showing up a little late. We ran to our weigh points from the previous two days a set down a little short to get rigged before the area. With the horrible currents and deep temps, we set out a thinned out version of our normal spread consisting of two coppers, two divers and two riggers.  It was a slow start until we hit 320’. Once in 320’, rods started to fire. All morning long we had consistent action on meat, flies and mag spoons. At 11:30, we hit a double that upgraded two fish in our box. At noon, the rigger takes off and runs 440’ on the first run. We saw this king jump and we knew this was the fish we needed as the kicker. After a long crazy battle, we slid the net under a 24.38 king to solidify our box. We went to weigh in knowing that we had a decent box but there too many good fishermen and the fishing has been on fire. We were the second team to weigh in and had a weigh of 82.50 and edged out Capt. Lou Borelli for First place. We also took the big king of the tournament at 24.38lbs. Congrats to all the winners and nice job Matt and Rob on setting up the tournament. I would like to thank my crew for making this possible. Without you guys, we wouldn’t have came close to winning!
 Here are the lures that worked for us:
A-TOM-MIK Crinkle Green Fly behind a Pro Troll Hammer Time
A-TOM-MIK Net Pen Fly behind a UV Two Face Pro Troll
A-TOM-MIK Green Hammer Fly behind a Captain Valium Spin Doctor
A-TOM-MIK Stud Fly behind a Pro Troll Hammer Time
Moonshine Green Jeans Mag
Stinger NBK Mag and Stingray
A-TOM-MIK Shenster meat rig

Minion Night Furry meat rig.

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