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Which New Fishfinder/Chartplotter?

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I’m in the market for a new fishfinder gps combo. I’m looking to spend no more than $700. I’ve basically narrowed it down to two units unless there’s something out there a lot better but I don’t see it.


I’m looking at the Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro and the Simrad XSE. I’ve heard good things from both units. The XSE would cost about $200 more than the Dragonfly is it worth the extra cost?


They both have the same resolution but the Simrad has a faster GPS system (10Hz vs 5) and also has a better warranty (3 vs 1). The XSE also has side imaging which the Dragonfly doesn’t but I don’t plan on hardly ever using it because I believe a 7” screen is too small to have everything up at once. What I really care about is the traditional 2D sonar which both have chirp and both have down imaging. The Dragonfly has chirp down imaging but the XSE does not. From what I’ve seen online both units have impressive resolution and target separation. I’m also looking for simplicity. The XSE has NMEA 2000 which is nice but I don’t plan on using it. From what I’ve heard the Dragonfly is pretty much plug and play with very little to tweak.


I will also note I fish shallow water 60 foot max and 99% of the time under 45 feet. Should I just save my money and go with the Raymarine Dragonfly or pony up and go with the Simrad XSE? Both units come with charts but I’m not sure if I would need to upgrade them afterwards or not for my area which could also be a determining factor.


So does anyone have an opinion or experience with either unit?





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