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Well how did you boys do on Saturday ?  We were out making sure you all came home safely

no one said much on the radio so thought I would ask now


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Thurs was an afternoon recon day. Greeted by a cold water roll over we went out to look at the fishfinder and check temps. There was a slick line with seagulls out at 130’ that had a slight temp break. There were some hooks on the break and at least presented an option for the Friday event. The large upwelling event was creating wicked currents and plankton blooms on the fishfinder. As is often the case during roll overs, the bigger class of kings get pulled by currents off the deeper basin depths onto the shore. On inshore structure, bait gets pinned into the thin band of warmer water along the shore presenting an opportunity similar to staging. The locals in-the-know were working inside on a north-south troll picking away at them as shallow as 60’. Not knowing the structure nuances like the armada inside, we set up on the break at 130’ ish and ran a more East-West game (less stressful) and picked away at fish during the morning. With the full moon we saw late lifting of kings over our water about 9 am. We hit a sick flurry for two hours then went mostly dead afterwards. After weighing our fish at 3:00, we decided to head offshore to find a more consistent bite for Saturday’s event. Flat glass water inshore can make for a tough bite, and when we got offshore we found weird rollers and active kings. Setting down at 225’ we trolled NE hitting small bait pods and kings around slick lines. The lake was changing quick and by the time we came in, the surface temp bumped 10 degrees. The sat event had us  set up on the close break around 150’. We picked away at the kings that loved the cold water - jumping like steelhead and reaking havoc around the net. As the day progressed we found better fishing deeper, again around the slicks. We had a 17 lber to take to the scales for pictures knowing from radio chatter that you would need a 24 lber to win, so at the final count down I decided deploy the tactic of burying the net in the cuddy.  Clearing lines one at a time, our wire diver takes off with 5 minutes of fishing time left. After a long battle we upgrade our fish only slightly. Our vet had a blast - most important. After hours was catching huge carp off the dock on corn, including a 20+ lber that took me 20 minutes to land. Always a great time to be had in Sodus. 


Best spoon by far was a black faced spoon with glow cup

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