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Quick report. Took my new to me islander 221 up with my wife and another couple. Buddy only ever came one other time and we blanked so we are both pretty new. Boat ran great after learning a few corks. Long story short I was used to my two stroke outboard and flooded the inboard running the throttle too heavy to start her.  Motored out to 120 feet with the kicker thinking i would just stay close fishing for Lakers not knowing what the problem was. Put two gambler rigs on and ran one copper down the shoot with a mag carbon 14. 20 minutes in landed the first king. Switched out the lake trout rigs and hit another king and a Steele. Unfortunately buddy started feeling sick so that was it. 2 hours and we went 3 for 3. Rest of the trip was spent walking the town of oswego and enjoying the beautiful weather. I would have liked to fish more but I have no complaints. After letting the boat sit a while she fired right up and ran great. All equipment worked great also. Cant wait to get back. 


On another note trying to fish and do harborfest is somewhat of a nightmare. Kinda crazy you cant even park the trailer at a boatlaunch but it is what it is I guess. If I try to do both again will likely drive the boat to mexico to launch. The fireworks were awesome! 


Tight lines! 


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Well at least the girl at the both sent you to the right parking lot at 4 am she told me to cross the bridge and take a left  to the east side parking lot . After driving around looking for it i went back to the booth pissed she looked up the location it was on 9th st not even close to were she told me . 

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