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You can ask this question to 10 different people and get 10 different answers. I was there yesterday I sat up just out front of the dean's I trolled to the east side 2. 8 to 3.4 . I pick fish up all the way across I was using two dipsy's and two Seth green rig . Spin Doctors Atomic flies, cowbells Gambler spinning glows off dipsy's , 3 to 3 1/2 inch spoons of the rig rods . If you not into rig rod . Down riggers with cheaters . Once I reached the east side I slowed down to 1. 2 to 1.7 . Fished 100 to 150 fow . Picking fish all morning . Went threw a little slow time . But we did over 20 fish by 11:00 I would say the fish wanted it a little fast than I was going .


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Gees only 20 your slowing up....lmao ;)

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Thanks to this site we had a successful week at Cayuga.


we fished Deans in the evening Thursday and Friday --6-8:30

we hit 150 fow and headed south, as wind was light out of north, at 2.0=2.4 trolling spoons 40' on DR 1, 75' on DR2

150' of copper line on one side and 200' of copper on the other side.   I fished a rapala deep diver 30' crankbait down the middle


I bounced from 100 fow to 175 fow


on Thursday -2 lakers 3-5 lbs, 1 salmon 3.5 lbs, 1 brown 5 lbs

on Friday 2  lakers 6 lbs, 1 salmon 4 lbs, 1 rainbow 3 lbs, 2 browns 3 lbs--SLAM


copper stinngr and Sutton 88 did most damage those 2 nites, got a brown on the rapala


good fishin




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