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Wanted ISO Cheap trolling combos for walleye

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Unless someone sells one on here the best place to buy a outfit is cabelas, buy it in a combo, sometimes you can get a new rig, reel pole with the newer DMlll those reels have come a long way, it will work fine for a weekend fisherman. 

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Check out sportsmans guide. Not the very best selection out there but decent. There may be a few choices that might meet ur needs. I buy 90% of my equipment at SG because prices are quite competitive, they will price match, and EVERY purchase is 100% guaranteed for life. Save ur receipts. Keep mine in my gun safe. They do honor the replacement warranty and its not a hassle at all. Very good customer service. Good luck in your quest for new combos



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9 hours ago, carhartt123 said:

Pap I was at Cabelas in Hamburg Pa and the Depthmaster combos are all gone. The guy at the store told me he wasn't sure if they would come back with a new design or if they would be replaced with a bass pro item. Sad to see.

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OMG your kidding me right?? Well that doesn’t surprise me. That store sucks!! It’s only 45mins away and it never has anything!! To this day they still don’t have the Lowrance Hook2 units, they can drop ship them. I also got a letter in the mail about my points and credit card so all this is making some sense. Different charges are worth different amount of points, like my father in law used his card for fuel in his trucks at $5-600 a day per truck adds up quick in cabelas points. Now your purchases are not all worth 1% on the dollarLOL. There going to screw you every chance they can. I’m a guy if I don’t have the $cash I don’t buy it. But my fuel I buy on the card then when the bill comes my wife pays it that same day, that’s just the way she is!! My father in law has passed with $900.00 in cabelas points money they wouldn’t allow Rodney and I spend the money in the store so we got a check in the mail which has to be deposited?? They don’t want us to spend that money in their store, because it’s money generated by them, it’s like free money to spend but not in their store is what it seems. To me green is green so I don’t understand their thoughts. When I was in business I used to give out punch cards and your 10th punch you get a free unit up to $100.00 in value, I don’t see their train of thought??

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