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Lac La Martre—— Year 3

skunked again!

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OMG those are Freaken Huge lakers!!! Not that the pike is anything to sneeze at!! LOL what a trip my ultimate goal in life is to catch a laker like what you are holding!! God bless my friend those are trophies!! You say your fishing there 3 years now, do you guys get into walleyes also!! Just curious?? How did you come about this place?? Thanks for sharing!!!

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Hey Pap, I was fishing on the Olcott pier for salmon and another guy was telling me about his trips to NW Canada. He said Lac la Martre was on his list. I googled it, thought about and pulled the trigger. I had never been on anything more than a local charter but thought what the hell. I’m so happy I did.

 No walleye in LLM. It’s only 60 ft deep so they dont get the true monsters some other deeper lakes get. I did catch 45 lakers 20 lbs and over, so it has numbers.

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