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Out on the big O in front of double stacks in 400fow...screen dead...poles dead...hopefully something happens
..just keep zigging and zagging in and out...better then sitting home
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Might be to deep from reports seems 120 to 250 from yesterday . Good luck stack them up .

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If you are out that far try a little deeper if you can. We fished Thur & Fri nights between OZ & Fairhaven was looking for a better class of fish. 520-580 was best. 75-100 down. Thursday it was all spoons Friday mostly spoons but meat & flies also took fish.

Die Hard Mag on rigger & Fat Nancy Mag on a green #5 Chinook diver at 2 setting 150-200 out were the hottest. Took a bunch of high teens and 2 fish over 20lbs. Very few shakers

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