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I haven't been able to get out as much as I'd like this summer due to family events and must do home projects but managed to get out for a short trip this past Saturday. Went out of Golden Hill State Park, started in 200 fow, nothing on the finder but, as experience has told me set anyway and just fish. After trolling for an hour I and no activity I turned to my log and noted that this time of the year we've never caught a fish out far. In fact, all of our catches we're in close in less than 100' fow  so we headed in. At 90 fow the finder was lit with fish here and there. My son chose and set his famous "Warrio" spoon. An ugly purple and yellow piece and sent it down to 60 and within 20 min landed this beast. We had a great day fish, or no fish but happy to have the added bonus of this super catch! Good fishing everyone! 


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