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Blown Ignition Fuse

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My parents have a 2005 Tracker Targa V18 with a 115hp Mercury Optimax (I am almost certain it's the original motor on the boat).  Last week when launching on Cayuga, the motor started right up just like it always has, they started out onto the lake and the motor stalled.  Turned the key again and it started up but stalled again almost instantly.  The third time they could not get it to start again, it would just continue to turn over.  Upon further inspection when they got home, they found out that the fuse for the ignition was blown.  They replaced the fuse and tried starting it again.  No luck starting it, so they looked at the new fuse and it too had blown.  Replaced the fuse a second time and this time they watched the fuse as they turned the key from the "OFF" position to the "RUN" position and the fuse blew again at that point (before even getting to the "START" position.  Has anybody else ever had an issue like this, or does anybody have an idea of what we should look for?





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I'd say a short in the switch? Sure all wires are on the correct terminals like maybe a light gauge wire didn't get put on the batteries assbackwards, if not that then I'd spend some time checking switch to make sure that's not shorted.

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