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A bit choppy in the AM so we didn't go as deep as  we wished. Started marking good ones while heading out in 80-100 ft of water down 50-60 ft but couldn't get them to go. Some pods of bait spotted intermittantly  throughout the day down about 60 ft over whatever...Connected with a 7 lb laker on wire dipsy and flasher fly out 200 ft of wire...released him. trolled for quite a while before landlock on 10 color with Laker Taker blue/siver spoon. Only hit on leadcore all day after many lure changes and riggers didn't  do much either despite changes and  sliders on both. Had what looked like a small king started on wire... got off. another few hits, but hours of trolling out to 310 ft without seeing anything or hits so went back inward and about 2:45 PM 20 lb king took the wire rig with Spinny and white home made fly for a ride in 120 ft of water wireout 220, and was totally exhausted after fighting his heart out so we kept him. My son's arms turned to rubber in the process:lol:  many of the larger boats went deep and I think stayed out there where I had wanted to go so I imaging they got into them. Moderate spiny fleas mainly on wire. A buddy is out there right now and into them so my hunch was right:smile: Slow trolling but fun day just being out there.




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