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Last week we fished in 200', this week we went out to 450' and found temp down around 90'. We pointed the auto pilot at 23 degrees, didn't pay any attention to speed and set up colors that worked last week. When we finally got a break we where at 712' and had 8 fish so we turned around and went back, ended somewhere around 16 fish - kings and steelies. The dipsies where on fire first, them the riggers and then the cheaters - lost all my larger orange taped spoons. Liney accidentally got a birds nest in a wire rod and yup it took a hit - who said fishing is cheap! towards the end the 100' rigger took a shot and the fish acted different - stayed deep, didn't scream much.....till it headed for the boat, went over and under 2 dipsies on port side, jumped clear of water 20' off side of boat and sounded then came back up through dipsies 2 more times then went for rigger cables, went around 2 of them, laughed at me from 8' under surface then sounded again cutting wire on the cable - This is why Sk8man says: "THEY CALL THEM KINGS FOR A REASON" and why I keep going.

Now to see who has best deals on spoons & cable

Our speed was around 2.4 and rarely had to turn to get a hit - the fish gods where smiling on us today :->

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