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Unfortunately We are leaving Friday   We leave earlier on Thursday.  This big blow coming tonight may last through Thursday. Now.  Fishing was really good for us last evening as we boxed out in 400 feet of water. Meat was the ticket. This morning we got blown off early as we had 20 + mph off shore winds    We had 41 degrees water down 60 feet.   

Any size to the fish out there?
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Sorry for the lack of reports. While I was up there I stopped fishing as my good friend, fishing guide Kevin Davis passed away from a long battle with cancer. It has shaken me to the core.

So to answer the above questions, the lake did flip while were there on Tuesday. Temp was 45 degrees down 40 feet. We did fish the inside water and found mature kings and browns in 40' of water. After 2.5 days of fishing we boated 12 kings and 8 Browns and missed a bunch more. All the Kings we caught were cookie cutter 18-20 pounders. Nothing big.  Meat was on fire for the Kings and Stingers in natural colors took the Browns and 2 kings. Down speed on the meat was nothing faster than 2.3. I left today and I know many of the charter boats boxed out for kings this morning in 2 hours. Waves were to big for us to fish. The big west wind has blown the mother load of kings into the Oswego area. You guys fishing this weekend should have an awesome trip. Atommik Stud fly meat rig, Atommik hammer time meat rig and the cannon ball meat rig were all working good. Also took a couple shots on the hammer live lime fly and glow stud fly behind a white green dot spinny. Good luck guys this weekend!!!

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8/24/18     Cant wait should be there by 5 for the evening bite!!!
Weather looks better too and not the big waves from last Saturday.
Good Luck everyone

We tried to go this morning and the waves were breaking over the wall. Some went out,,many took a peek and came back in.
We’ll try again tomorrow.

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