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Owasco Silvers, gold, bronze, and of course Lakers

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Took a friend out today, got in the zone I found yesterday, didn't get third rig out and we had a taildancer behind the boat. Nice female bow, jumped 6 times and threw the hook, can't believe with 77 degree surface temp that she had anything left after 2 leaps.......reset and it was on, a nice mixed bag with cores and coppers king up high. First time this fella was trolling and he got spoiled, told him it wasn't always like this and that I put a lot of time in yesterday to find it....great day though, he is hooked!










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Nice catch ! I was up on the north end and it was all lakers for us. Fog definitely made things interesting to start

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Owasco, yes the fog was crazy.....fun though.....yes the bass hit the core.....I released it, was a big smally.. Put a lot of time in to figure it out.....some guys go out and do it all the time....I have to work at it......and I do, feels good when it comes together .....still doesn't beat catching big walleyes though....

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