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Wayne County Fishing Report for August 14, 2018

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Lake Ontario- “Bout Time” from Fair Haven has a very detailed report from this past weekend, posted on the LOU board. They were probably close to Wayne County waters, so we’ll use it. Here it is….

Fished 530 -11 Saturday morning with a crew from camp.
We ended the day 9 - 13. We hit 3 fish in tight (100-120’) first thing in the morning then things dried up.
I pushed out to deeper waters and we hit them solid from 270-350’. We had constant action with 3 doubles and multiple singles
Every rod fired in my spread.
Riggers down 65/78/88/90.
Dipsys set on “1” out 220/240/260/270
Dipsy on a “3” out 300/315/330
And 450 copper
Green Jean, Carbon 14, Die Hard spoons
Meat rigs behind green dot Spin Doctors, green Echips, and golden boy flashers
Green dot paddles with hammer and stud flies.

A great report.


Pop-up thunderstorms are predicted all week so keep an eye on your radar. It just rained 4 inches from storms that came from the south east.


Click here to see the rest of this report on ILoveNYFishing.com.

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