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Cattaraugus Creek Sunday 10/12 (yeah, not Lake O, I know)

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I fished the lower Catt (between the Rte 5/20 Bridge and the Railroad Bridge) Sunday afternoon (3:00 pm til dusk) fishing was very slow. Water was low and clear, unusually so for the Catt which is usually fairly murky. I was standing crotch deep and was able to count pebbles on the botton at my feet. Ordinarily, I would have been fishing where I was standing, but with the super clear water, even that depth was barren. Only saw 2 fish caught the entire time I was there.

Had one possible bite (egg sack came back empty netting) but it may have been hung up on bottom/rock, the float didn't drop like it normally does when a fish hits, just kind of laid over and went under.

Really my main objective yesterday was to figure out the center pin/float rod I bought last winter and haven't had much chance to use. I was able to figure out how to cast it good enough to get effective drifts on a big creek like the Catt so I considered it mission accomplished, catching a fish would have been a bonus.

Filled up the gas tank on the Res on the way back, $2.66/gal at one of the stations on Rte 438.


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Tim I fished there on Saturday, started at sun up. Fished between the tresle and route 5-20 bridge. Threw everything at them. Not even a hit! The water was very low and very clear. I then rode down Zoar vally rd to spingville. What a goat path. Anyplace that I could access the creek was posted but I did see a few guys in the upper sections. Don't know where upstream they are finding fish, but the scenery was excellant!!

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