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Canandaigua, Sat. am

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Sorry I missed the tourney, fished the German Bros area from 7-10:30am. Went 4/6 laketrout, two on the riggers Spin-fly green and rest on the wire. McCallahan, I think I saw you, were you still fishing off the pump house? I swung in in the Trophy to see if that was a Key West.

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N Callahan, i was out on sunday and answered your radio check twice. I was fishing for perch though, not trout. Did well on trout on Saturday, fished 7-11am and boated 10 lakers and 1 brown. Best action was 80-100' on the thermocline rigs with sutton 71 and 31. I did see a key west and a trophy out there. I am in the Grady White 223, blue top. Just a bout done now though, archery time!


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