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If anybody fishes out of Sodus area today and could provide a brief report it would be appreciated!

Planning to try to fish there Monday am, just trying to determine water quality, and flooding and general area depth of any decent fishing.

thank you

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If you want to put fish in the boat, 50 to 60 fow...brown bite has been awesome. We worked kings from 6 to 9am with 4 in the boat, but only 1 major. Lot of fish in 80 to 110, just couldn't get them to go. Then put 10 browns in the boat from 930 to 11. Afternoon trip was 20 for 25 on browns from 230 to 6 PM.

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Im pretty new to salmon fishing but today was ok. Bite was tough at first with almost all spoons out n only one fly. Switched other rigger to green white spin dr with atomik hammer fly on it and it was on. Fished 180 got our first king (24lbs) about 65 down heading north at 2.6mph troll speed (no down temp/speed yet). Made a big loop with same fly heading south this time at 130 fow 65 down n our second king. Picked up the coho on the same fly also a steelie that spit it about 6 ft out of the water at about 130 as well. Picked up the brown in 100 fow 55 down on a clownfish spoon. Very happy with second time out and winging it. Thanks to all the guys on here for tips tricks tackle techniques etc. 20180819_113204.thumb.jpg.300d7623eaec0c2b875f67c9a0763ba5.jpg




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Thanks again for responding to my post

Great sunrise this am startedfishing in 120 feet, colder water was up in the 40 to 50 feet range, strong south wind made it rough eras you headed out didn’t take long to get to 200, rough and no fish!

back in to about 100 feet down 43 to 53 lots of bait nd fish, got into kings. They seemed to be all along that depth, mature fish appear to be getting ready to spawn, hod one big one losing eggs.

hope this helps someone else

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