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Good AM out of Hughes marina.

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Got to Hughes 6:30 this morning, pretty good size rollers, we set up in 350 FOW and trolled NE into the waves with the big motor, was a slow bite and couldn't keep them hooked, they would even jump and sound and then "let go". Eventually the wind settled down and we just wandered between 350 - 600FOW with a hit here and there. The wires where dead for us but had rigger bite at 65 - 90 feet down, had an old NK 28 that I painted the back black parked all day at 65' and it got us a 28# beast that we thought was going to spool our 47H - 45 minutes later we got it in the net. A short time later the 100' rigger took off through our setup and kept on going eventually jumping 3 - 4 hundred yards out, before we could get him coming in the 65' took off again and we landed an 18# king. As I brought the missile fish back to the boat he felt more like an old boot, then started looking odd how he was coming in, a 10# that somehow got hooked in the meat at the base of his tail - was fun when he took off though!!! The big guy went 27.5 on Hughes scales 3 hours after we caught him.Now I need to the paint back on that spoon.

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Nice going Rene :yes:That was a nice real fish Bob and that NK 28 had more scratches on it than two cats on a cat fight:lol:. Ifishy from LOU also had a 24 pound king that was a great looking fish and it was neat meeting up with him and his fishing buddy.  My son Mark and I got an early start out of the channel and set up in pretty rough water in about 140 ft. We trolled out to 320 and then turned around because it was a hasssle trolling against the 3-4 footers (or more) out there and decided to troll in closer until the wind might let up a bit. We picked up 3 teen kings and a 6 lb steelie before 9:45 AM in various depths mostly on wire dipsys with flashers and home made flies in white set at 250 -275 on a 1 setting for the Deeper Divers. The steelie came on a 10 color leadcore down  the chute with a black painted Diamond King spoon with glow bottom.

After a few hours it started to lay down a bit so we trolled out deeper again and went out to 630 ft. Lost a big king in 458 ft on a wire dipsy with Spin Doc and white homemade fly. He was on for several jumps and runs and then parted the 50 lb mono on the fly. When it was retrieved it had been cleanly cut part way up the leader by his teeth just as if by a knife and apparently had the leader in his mouth. This is the first  time the 50 lb.mono failed on one of the flies, but it proved that nothing is impervious to these beasts :lol: Trolled for some more going shallower had some hit and runs on riggers and wires and one on the leadcore...may have been the combination of our faster trolling speed and the waves and they couldn't get hold of it good enough. Finally, in the afternoon a 20 lb king nailed the 3 color secret weapon rig with flasher/green homade fly set at 115 ft on a rigger. man did that fish take some spectacular runs preceeded by a couple of lost fish on the wires...another great day spent with my kid:smile:








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It was a good day out there sk8 it was nice to meet the man behind the name and get a close up of the whaler we rolled around 8 so went straight to 250 and started a north troll at 320 the first king hit a dipsey on a 3 setting 200 back landed that 12 lber set him towing on the grip and the chinok diver fired at 230 back got that fish in the transom and while untangeling the net the other Chinook diver fires @280 back that was the 24 lber at that point had to take a breath before we could re set after that it was all riggers 60 to 80 ended the day 6 for 12 with all teenagers and one mature one flasher fly the rest on spoons meat was quit wife wondered why I fell asleep so early last night

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