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Heard weather report for one foot waves so decided to go out on Lake O around 3pm. Well, weather man's idea of one foot waves is different than mine I guess. Definitely larger than one footers out there. Ran around looking for bait but found very little. Set up in 250 feet of water with two dipsies with flasher and flies and one took a violent hit but he got off  before I got to rod. Ran that one with a snubber figuring I had to keep the drag tighter than usual due to waves. Very hard to keep any kind of consistent speed. Things didn't seem to be calming down so ran toward shore and set up in 125ft and soon after the other dipsy took hit and fight was on. Was out 200 on two setting and it took another 200 off the reel. Took off on a few more runs then got it close to boat and it decided to tangle with my other dipsy but luckily was able to get it untangled fairly easily. Not easy fighting a king and netting it solo with arthritis acting up in my left arm but glad I was able to land it. Only saw a few other boats out there.



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