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Finally back on the water

Kevin J Legg

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Learning new spots can be frustrating, not so much catching fish but learning the bottom  contours, the river bottom is very unforgiving, one can loose a fair amount  of gear if not careful in a short time. Go slow and easy it will all come together and be prepared for some long nights and mornings.

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Just got back from a week on the SLR was planning on mostly fishing for bass but brought my walleye stuff as well. I was hoping to maybe catch 1 and knew it would be tough never fishing for eyes in the river. Needless to say my expectations were surpassed. I caught my biggest open water eye at just over 8lbs and also got 2 over 6lbs I let those three go but was able to get 4 others around 24 inches that I kept to eat. I lost two giant somethings as well but with the current and strong winds I could not handle whatever I had on. Not sure if they were eyes or something else. Can’t wait to go back up now! I caught all my fishing jigging 7-9pm the guys trolling around me said they were doing better a lot later like 11pm and after. I did have some big marks suspended and I’m sure those were eyes. I will say if I had a good mark on bottom and could stay on them with the trolling motor they would hit. IMG_2659.JPGIMG_2645.JPGIMG_2655.JPGIMG_2623.JPG

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