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Amped up for honker season!

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I will have to say that this year I seem to be seeing about 20% more resident birds in the greater Rochester area than I have seen in the last 5-6 years. The funny part in looking over my logs from the last 15 years, other than a few outlier years, every year the numbers seem to get better and better earlier in the season. For the last 3 years we limited out on a 3 man limit every first time we were out.... Luck, food, cover.... I'm not sure but I'm definitely looking to continue the trend... 


Here is a question for all of you, on the opening weekend, are you still seeing the smaller family groups or are most of your birds starting to bunch up a bit earlier in this September season. My numbers have shown a drop in 1s and 2s, roughly the same in the 5-7 bird groups, and roughly a 50% increase in the 10+ bird groups that seem to be in my area.... Thoughts?


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