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Seneca Seneca South 8/25-8/26

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Got out Friday morning solo to do some trolling.  Last trip resulted in a broken downrigger clutch and a failing transducer so it was nice to have everything back up and running.  Wanted to run a bit north but an early south breeze kept me on the south end, not much action for the first 1-2 hrs  but finally got into a nice salmon on west side which proceeded to put on an aerial display, tangle into the leadcore and come unglued behind the boat!  Circled back again and this time landed a nice 20" salmon which went in the cooler.  Subsequent passes produced a nice laker, a smaller bow and a smaller salmon which all went back to the lake.  Finally left my hot spot and headed farther north for a bit and just as I was getting ready to pull lines and head home the rigger line popped and I had a great fight with an aerial rainbow that made it to the net at 4.5 lbs, 23.5" .  Not a bad morning for me.

Most of the fish came off the riggers at 38', laker was at 60', depths at 125-200, chicken wing and alewife pattern spoons.  Speed 2-2.5 .  All fish hit heading north on downwind side of points




Yesterday morning headed out with a friend back to same area.  Found the fish bagain ut couldn't get em to bite,  tried different angles/depth/speed/colors/etc but only got 1 legal rainbow on the leadcore.  A neighbor fishing in the area did one salmon.  Oh well. 


Seneca is looking OK after the flooding.  Visibility is still limited to 5/6 ft but debris wasn't bad except closer to shore and weeds were sporadic and not a major issue, no fleas.  



Got out Friday evening for some bass fishing and had a nice sunset



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Congrats,  those airborne bows are awesome........i can always count on them finding and tangling in my leadcore, and the big ones almost always do.......they know what they're doing for sure.

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Sweet. By chance did you have down temp. I'm courious to how much of a difference there is from north and south. Good down temp up here at Sampson is 75 to 90 down for 54 degree water. All that south wind has pushed the temp deep up here.

Nice fish!


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