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Cayuga out of Myers 8/26

Lily 2

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So today was defiantly a day i should have stayed home may even have been better off going to work. Today had it's highlights but they were far and few. Started the day off by getting to the launch at about 730 on a friend of mines boat. He bought a rigged tracker targa and has been kind enough to take me fishing all summer because I have been boatless due to engine troubles on my thompson. Anyway we back boat in to the water untie and start heading out to the lake. We get just outside of the break wall and I notice my feat are getting wet. Look down and see we are taking g on water. So we make a.urgent about face and head back to the doc to get the boat on the trailer. Got boat out of the water and my buddy notices that he plugged the bait well drain instead of the main bilge drain. I can't help but laugh. He is older and put the plug in in the dark and you headed it picked the wrong hole.

Anyway after sitting on land for a extra half hour or so waiting for the bilge to dry out we finally get under way and make a steam up to AES to set up. We get up the lake and I start.setting lines. I always set my divers out so I can rig the down riggers while they are deploying on there own. I didn't get passed the port side diver. As soon as it hit 240 on a number 1.5 I tighten the drag and wham fish on. Get the fish to the boat and net the fish with the help of my friend and we are in a pretty good mood. Looks like it's gonna be a good day. Anyway while we were netting the fish some how my rod tip got broke off. Never investigated the cause but it defiantly got broke. So at this point it is about 930 or so and we so far have almost sunk the boat and broke off 1 rod tip. I know it could always be worse right. Well it gets better. Anyway we spend the next 2 hrs or so washing lures through huge bait balls and pods of fish with nothing to show for it. Finally we say let's head across the lake. Tons of fished marked today over 100 to 240 ft down any where from about 40 ft of water to 70 ft. We fished a 6 rod spread 2 riggers at 70 and 60. 2 divers 1 at 240 and 1 at 180. Both on a 1.5 setting. And a 5 core and a 7 core. Flashers flus spoons tried every.thing fast slow north south just couldn't buy a bite. While trolling across the lake the highlight of the day the 7 core starts going drag is singing. After.a.good battle bring to the boat a 12 lbs lake trout. That's the last high light. Troll over to Kidders and Decide to run up to the market for a sandwich. This is where the day really goes to crap. Go up to the store and eat and then return to the boat. Fire up the main to shoot down the lake a little bit and wouldn't you know it it dies right out side of Omallys dock. Far enough out we really didn't want to paddle. Hey not to worry we got the trusty 9.9 mercruiser kicker Pull and pull and pull and pull. Nothing. The kicker has been running flawlessly all day. Not now that we need it. Well we finally get back to Omallys by way of a electric.trolling motor and dock the boat and ponder what our next plan is. All the boats tied to the dock were berry nice boats and I figured my chances of getting towed to Meyers where the truck and trailer are were slim to none. Any way I did get a ride with a guy and 2 woman who were doing wine tour. They saved the day for me and took me from Omallys all the way to Myers free of charge. I offered them money and they flat out refused said that they habe been stranded to and l ow how it feels. So to day went as follows


Almost sunk boat

Broke a fishing rod.

Couldn't get anything to fire fishing wise.

Have a dead main motor

And have a dead kicker.


Caught 2 fish

Got to ride and a way fancier boat than I'll ever be able to afford and met some cool

"Pleasure boaters"

All and all I guess it was a good day but whew I can't wait to have my own boat. Good luck out there everyone. Stay safe and tight lines.


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You said it early in the post, it can always get worse!

At least everyone lived including the boat.

My suggestion to help wind down tonight is a nice glass of your favorite beverage.

When I have a day like that my go to is a single malt Scotch.  Cheers 🥂

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Yes and at least it wasn't within the first 4 hrs of the Trout Derby (taking you out of the entire 3 day derby) and 45 mph winds come up and both engines won't do the trick and you need to be towed 16 miles back to the launch against the wind by your fishing buddy who busts your bls for years to come and labels himself as your "savior" and puts that label on his cooler on the back of his boat :lol:

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Thanks for the encouraging words. I definitely know it can always be worse. Should have known it was coming the last 3 times we have been out have been stellar. I know one thing I'll never leave a stranded boat I'd tow anyone. The amount of times I've been towed in far out number the amount of times I've been doing the towing.

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I am pretty sure you were trolling around south of the plant and crossed the lake in front of me Sunday morning...im sorry you had a rough day..i would keep a marine radio on board, I dont monitor the site while Im out but you can always get me on channel 16 when im on the water...

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Actually it was a beautiful morning half foot chop to start that clears the weeds and debris then it settled down.. I cruised at 30 mph out and 42 mph for at least part of the way back clean water good fishing

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