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What fishfinders does everyone run ?

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What really matters is the placement and quality of the transducer. That is the part that actually registers all the things that you can later see on the screen.

So I would get the best transducer I can afford and combine it with a monitor that can handle all the information. ( a Furuno)

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Humminbird! Been running them for 10 years, and 5/6 before I signed on with them. You can't beat the value in the HELIX series.


Look at the first pic below. I'm marking cannonballs down 100 and 200' down, and if you look closely below them you'll see my flashers. 


The second pic speaks for itself. This is a non CHIRP Airmar transducer I've been running for years with my birds. 



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I have a Lowrance, HDS, Purchased 18 mo.ago, The depth kept  at times ke!pt going to nothing,..a soft reboot would recover it.,, I sent it back, No warranty  of course left (1year),...so a upgrade to replace it was offered to a tune of $799.00, so I sent it back and sure enough it was bad.  They do not repair them and I  did  bite on the new one,".I even had to download the latest version !.!.."


      I'm not happy with 18 months and down 2 grand..I..just bad luck or .look at Ray marine or?... down the road...

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I do believe that almost all of the new electronics will deliver good performance today its the settings that are crucial.

Taking the time to learn the in/outs of your specific MFD is key. 

Also having the correct transducer properly installed will make a huge difference.


Here was my experience recently.

On the new boat this past year I went with all Raymarine. Axiom MFD's, AP & Radar. Couldn't be happier.

I found Raymarine tech support to be top notch. They have a forum on their website with a ton of information and the Raymamine tech's know their stuff. Specific questions to techs were typically answered same or next day.

From system planning, installation & operation/software questions Raymarine was helpful at every point. Always had the rights answers & advice.

Not sure if this is still the case but when I warranty registered my units online the warranty was extended by a year.


Now if some one who works for Raymarine reads this send me a hat and T-shirt please :rofl:




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