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Hydraulic steering


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Replaced my very hard to steer standard steering  on my 150 Mercury with Teleflex Sea Star Hydraulic. Couldn't  be any happier with it .Feels like Power Steering . Saved big bucks doing  it myself ( with a little help from my wife ) . Lots of how to videos on You Tube .

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So when you get a package with the ram, helm and hoses, the helm will either be a 1.4, 1.7, 2.1, or 2.4. The smaller the number will require more turns over between port and stern. The 1.7 is typically 5 turns to go from each. In my aluminum it was very difficult because I kept having to oversteer to get it go where I wanted easily like at a dock or get to the trailer to load it. With that said the higher the number the less it will take to turn the wheel but harder to turn as your moving more fluid through the helm if you know what I mean. I went with a 2.4 which is extreme but wanted the ease. 2.1 will probably get you in the ball park. My opinion the 1.7 is not enough but that’s just me. Hope it helps.

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