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8/25 Seattle Fishing

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Last weekend,(8/25) I was out in Seattle visiting my son & daughter-in-law.  Brian & I took a charter out on the Sound.  Unfortunately, they closed the King season in that zone, the week before, so the only large Kings I saw were in the fish ladder and waiting their turn to get into it:  These beasts all in the 20-25 Lb class:





They are very protective of the Kings out there.

I did manage to land 3 kings though.  Each about 3/4 the size of our typical shaker.

Brian did get a nice Coho though, which we were fishing for.  8 Lbs. which my daughter-in-law did a fantastic job of cooking:


Fishing with small flashers and squids with a 1/4" strip of herring.  

We had to pay homage to the "Troll" (after all, that's how we fish, isn't it? - "Trolling")


(I probably should have left a sacrifice rather that just bowing.)

I used to think our concrete boats were big.  You could have put 4 or 5 of them on this thing:



Glad to see he was heading out of port. (hopefully not returning empties)

It was kind of funny seeing a seal (sea lion) surface about 100 ft behind us as we were fishing.  Unfortunately, he wouldn't smile and didn't want his picture taken.  A few porpoises but no Orcas though.  Guide said they were just spotted up towards Vancouver.  

Talk about HUGE marinas - wow!  Must have been a bazillion $ worth of boats there.  Every boat in the Genny would have probably filled 4 docks there.  



All in all, a great trip with great hosts.  Glad to be back where the grass is green. (Even though the stuff needing cutting...yuck! in 95 deg heat)  Hope to do it again.

9/1 Genny report in the other section.


Tom B.





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Sounds like a nice trip.  " It was kind of funny seeing a seal (sea lion) surface about 100 ft behind us as we were fishing" - Once fishing near San Diego for tuna we had a bunch of them behind and along side us on a charter and they dove down and took the bait right off all our hooks without getting hooked themselves....they can be a real pain but they can be pretty funny too.

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Was a great trip.  I imagine they could be a real pain.  But never seeing one pop up like that before was somewhat of a shock. Saw a couple just outside the ladder at the shipping canal.  Probably why the salmon were scooting all over the surface at the ladder.

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They wreak havoc with the fishery. They are very fast and accurate when they target something. I know a lot of the marinas in California have been inundated with them and they even chase boat owners off theiir own boats at the docks and have bitten people as well.

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