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Recharging batteries.


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My Father in law has/had pulling tractors, they have no charging systems. So after a few pulls the ignition system and the fans to cool the motors drain the batteries to a point the won't start especially if they are hot. So he bought a small generator. This one is very light and puts out like 600-750 surge and there quiet. These units are 2 stroke motors. It worked really nice.

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When i lived in New England, many camps in remote maine are on generator so you must provide your own means to charge your batteries.

I welded a little shelf on the tongue of my trailer to accomodate a honda 1000 or 2000 quiet generator. i did not travel with it there but just placed when needed.  It was chained down and i had a piece of aluminum i bungied over the top to protect from weather.


the key to the system is having an onboard charger that kicks out at least 6 amps per bank. (mine does 10/bank)  i use cabelas AGM batteries too.  i put 1/2 tank of gas in the gen and let her run while i sleep.  it would run outa gas and my batteries are always fully charged in the am.


i hope this helps


good fishin



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I go thru the same thing when I go up to the mountains fishing bass and pike . I find I nurse my trolling motor to save battery .


I have a power inverter that I plug my charger into . Then let the truck run for a few hours . 

Works well when I drive around as the amps are up ,not so well idling . 


My nephew in Fla fishes bass tourney in his club . They  book out a motel and all the boats plug in the same time . The digital chargers sense this and don't give a strong charge ,not enough amps .And the boats find this out the next day fishing .

Good luck on this .  

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I have what Minn Kota calls an onboard alternator charger, 3 bank. I’ve never used it or installed it so I don’t know how well they work. Supposedly the power source comes from your main motor’s alternator. Once your starting battery is full, the extra charge from your alternator is sent to your trolling batteries. This should work well if you run long distances on your main motor, otherwise I’m not sure......

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