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Canadice Canadice Kayak Videos 9-1-18


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Planned on hitting Hemlock this AM, but the south wind was creating too much chop for me, so headed over to Canadice.


Launched from boat launch and in 3.5 hours, landed 2 fish, with 3 lost before I could get them to the yak.


First Laker was 23" fin clipped that came from 45 down over 50 FOW on a yellow Alpena diamond spoon and was released.


Lost 1 on the Alpena after a quick fight, then another on a sutton 44 being pulled behind a torpedo diver.


Second fish was a 18" or so laker on the Alpena - apparently it "swatted" at the spoon, as the single hook actually was hooked from the outside of it's jaw going in.  Once hooked,  it either did a head shake or rolled, and got the line tangled up around the spoon and the hook shank, and when I was reeling it it, could feel the spoon fluttering in the water.  Once netted, it was still full of fight and got itself and the spoon even more tangled up in the net. 


As I was getting it cleared, the other rod started jumping, so I quickly released and was hoping to pull in my first double from the yak, but quickly lost it. 


Over all a nice morning, even if I had to deal with a dozen or so kayakers and paddle boarders provided by the local outfitter.
















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On 9/2/2018 at 12:45 PM, weave said:

What downrigger are you using, and how much weight?  I'm tempted to try trolling with a rigger in my yak.


The downrigger is a Scotty Laketroller with a 4 lb ball.  I did replace the steel cable with braid to help with blowback.


Here's a link to a previous post with some more info on my set-up.  


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