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Mexico Labor Day weekend

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HookedupF7.  I met ya when u were takin them pics.  Surprised u didnt get my rig in the pic.  Fishing was good sunday but today was much better.  Well except for me and the wife.  Lol we got 3 steelies and 3 knockoffs from 5:30am to noon.  Think i figured out my problem thou. My 6rod spread is to tight.  But as a rookie u learn from ur mistakes.  Best of luck on ur next trips.   


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13 hours ago, Fat Trout said:

Doubling down and betting my house and truck!  ;)    Full disclosure...I've been at this game for over 30 years.

I'll throw my house, truck and boat in. Sk8man is right on, maybe a small King but from the picture I'd say Coho.  :grin:

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It is still somewhat of a question mark in my own mind whether immature chinook or coho as well in the absence of actually seeing the things I mentioned.:smile:

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