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Wanted WANTED......Big Jon electric motor

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if you don't get one on here you may have to order from bigjon.com I just emailed them with questions like where to order a motor. and the price of a capt pack motor and a pro tournament motor. and if the pro tournament motor is better than the capt pack motor.


I have 2 pro tournament riggers on my boat and run 13# pancake weights. one of my riggers will trip the breaker every so often but the other one never trips the breaker. but they are very fast which takes some getting use to.

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I wouldnt say the Big Jon's are junk. Look around and you will see motors from the 80's and 90's all over the place. They build a long lasting product. I just in the last year replaced 2 old style motors that were older than I am with their new HD motors, and they work great. That said 1/2 the price is a selling point on the cisco ones. Big jons are like $200 now, almost 50% increase from like 4 years ago. They do seem to have a theory that they can offset volume of sales with higher prices

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