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Calling ALL Volunteers Search Continues!!!

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Updates on Today’s Rescue Situation:


Coast Gaurds are on their last run for him, Kevin Wong, host of Big Fish Small Camera on YouTube Channel. Friends, Families and Volunteers have patrolled and scanned the areas where he fell into the water, as well as the shoreline from Ajax Waterfront Park to Port Union. We will continue our search and will not give up hopes to find him. 


We are calling all volunteers in the area to join our search for Kevin, to do everything we could to provide closure to his family. 

The map diagram outlines the boat launch and where the boat was beached. Our search area includes all the shoreline covered in the map. 


Please contact Eshew 6478919828 or Will 6472056203 if you can provide any assistance or information.






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Sep 7 Rescue Update:


As of 8pm, Kevin remains missing. Coast Guards have officially concluded their rescue mission, and the case is now handed over to Durham Regional Police. A dive team is being put together. 


Volunteers will resume search for Kevin tomorrow at 9am, and we expect to expand our search area further west and east of Rotary Park in Ajax. Due to the unpredictable lake conditions, searching with a boat is not recommended, lake conditions must be evaluated before anyone decides to launch their boat.


We will be meeting up at the McDonald ‘s at the intersection of Liverpool and Kingston Road in Pickering at 9am, to discuss our plan for the day. 


Please contact Eshew 647-891-0828, or Will 647-205-6203 if you wish to volunteer. As we will expand the search area, we are in great need of volunteers for the next few days. 


If you like provide assistance to our search efforts, please contact us.


Thank you all for the kind words and unvarying efforts towards the search for Kevin. Let’s bring him back to his family.

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What a sad ending:-( 

life jacket and emergency motor stop line or maybe a mobile marine radio can make difference.


Police believe they have found body of missing fisherman Kevin Wong

Wong went missing on Sept. 6 while fishing for salmon around Frenchman's Bay

CBC News · Posted: Sep 11, 2018 2:08 PM ET | Last Updated: September 11, 2018
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