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NJ on Sunday. w/ pics

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Started jiggin on Lake Hopatcong at 630 am. Took a bunch of fish all the way up to the 5lb range. Great jiggin waters. Took all the fish on rapala Jigs. Stopped doing that at about 930 am and was bound and determined to troll some into the boat. It didnt happen, not even a release :(. These fish dont want to chase, there is bait everywhere. I havent given up yet. We are heading on the water at 3 am tomorrow to cast some sticks on the points in shallow water. Jiggin at day light and trying for a fish in the 8-9lb class. Here are a few pics. I tried to turn them around but photobucket got the best of me. Maybe bob will be nice enough to do so. :)




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I had a rough morning myself, so goes it. transistion is happening there at this lake, jiggin low light levels is the ticket. they wont chase, save your fuel and climb into the tree, they'll be there. find a small bay, warm water dropping into or off a dropoff to deeper water, the mules will be there.

sail well.


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