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Legacy- 2018 Deer Season


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My 14 year old son killed his first deer Saturday night during the youth hunt. The buck, a 2 1/2 year old spike, was 140 yards away coming to the doe decoy we had out. He pulled a beautiful shot with a Savage 243 and the deer only went 50 yards. I killed my first deer with the bow at age 14 and have been hunting deer 34 years, killed bucks in 4 different states along with countless deer in New York. Nothing compares to what I experienced watching my son kill his first deer. It was 74 degrees when we got him home and I was never so happy to have a fridge in the garage to put the meat in. Take a kid hunting and fishing, it is amazing what you can learn from them.

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After looking at some YouTube videos and doing some research I installed a homemade phone/video holder to try this year.

“L” bracket bolted with my stabilizer and epoxy from HomeDepot glued to the back of the belt clip of my cell phone. Just had to notch out where the lens is. It snaps in and out for easy removal. Hopefully will get some cool Videos to share IMG_1270.JPG

‘Bout Time

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Couldn't agree more! Having kids with along with you is awesome! Cant wait until mine are old enough to pull the trigger. But for now they help with all the work that goes into to deer season, whether its picking rocks out of food plots or pulling arrows when practicing. Its truly priceless.

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Quite possibly the hottest day I have ever been on stand. Mid 80s here today. When I pulled in my truck said it was 80. Been working too damn much to get any stand time up until today. Fingers crossed. Wind is perfect.





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I noticed DeerCast is showing poor deer movement even after the cool down. It seems like the type of cool down to get them moving though.

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I don't have a whole lot of faith in the deer cast predictions but I thought I would share anyways

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On 9/8/2018 at 1:06 PM, Legacy said:

Last year I had most of my cameras in the woods by September 1. This year I have yet to get any in the woods. Time to push forward. They are out of storage loaded with fresh batteries and ready to go. Just need some time to run into the woods and get them up. Sunday and Monday I am hoping.

 I purchased Browning Strike Force Elite HD cameras last year. I like them so much I ended up buying a bunch of them. Anyone looking for a great camera at a reasonable price check them out.






I pulled a card tonight from one of my cameras. That camera has produced over 4000 pictures in a month and the camera said the batteries were at 89%. Very impressed with these cameras.

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