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Legacy- 2018 Deer Season


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37 minutes ago, whaler1 said:

my hearts in my chest and im sitting at my desk.  Squeezing for you to enjoy a smooth recovery and post many pics!

Me too Bill.  It has been way too quiet around here lately. 

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BBD!!!! Wooooo 22 inch spread heavy 8. Pics coming. Thanks guys!!!

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Awesome bud congratulations!!!!!

Once you said that his tail was flickering back and forth like crazy thats usually a sign of a dead deer walking

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Here the story.... got out of the truck at 6:30 and started up the creek with the wind in my face. Climbed over a log and fell in the creek, soaking wet now on my whole right side. My trusty mucks kept the feet dry and I shrugged it off and carried on. Made it to my climbing tree and started up( loudly too!, hate climbing in the morning). Before I could get settled the action started. Watched 3 different small bucks work the area and a single doe. I grunted and rattled to keep things going. It went silent.... 835 behind me I hear the distinct deep grunt of a mature buck. My butthole puckers and he is 20 yrds behind me!! I slowly stand up and grab my bow.... turn around.... my foot squeaks on the metal stand. A doe locks in on me but the buck is love struck oblivious. No shot! He turns away to chase another doe and stops in the only clearing I have to shoot. 40 yard pin on him and instinct takes over. Mayhem followed, I could only think worst case scenario!! Did I hit him.....Image1540497072.265037.jpgImage1540497107.931596.jpg

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Congrats! Nothing like it! Settled in and waiting for my turn. Wind is swirling alot here, but nothing new as it Always does! Looking for one particular buck I've been chasing for 3 years. I'm in the spot that I had the only encounter with him ever 2 years ago.

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