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Legacy- 2018 Deer Season


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That deer owes you one now. I hope you get a crack at him! There's nothing worse that seeing a buck you've followed get hit by a car. We lost three of the four monster bucks that I knew of last year to collisions. The fourth was shot on a neighboring property but not recovered until after the season. I guess that's worse...

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The last hour has been pretty solid. Have 2 doe milling around feeding right now. At 11 heard a loud buck growl behind me but was not able to see the deer. If you have never heard one before its truly insane! It's the 3rd time I've heard it live!. As 0f 12 PM, 18 deer seen, 7 bucks, and the one other that growled that I didnt see. Hopefully the rest of the day is just as exciting.

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