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Tutorial: How to Post Your Pictures


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You want to share your photos with the community but are not sure how. No problem. This step by step tutorial will walk you through exactly how to post your own pictures on Lake Ontario United.

There are TWO ways to post pictures on LOU.

The First Way (and the easiest way)

Simply click on the "Start New Topic, Reply to this topic or Use Full Editor (quick reply)" option to bring up the full post editor. After that, click on the ATTACHMENTS option below the post body and upload your images.

The Second Way

Setting up PhotoBucket Account. We need to make our images available on the Internet. Having them on your personal computer is not good enough so what we are going to do is setup an account with PhotoBucket that will host our images ONLINE for us!

1.) Visit PhotoBucket.com and register for an account or sign in if you already have one.

2.) Under where it says "Chose an Image" you will see a "Browse" button. Click on the "Browse" button and select the picture on your computer that you would like to upload.

3.) Once the image from your computer has been selected, click "Open".

4.) Then simply press the "UPLOAD" button.

5.) Your image will upload to the website and you will receive a confirmation message saying "Your Images have Uploaded!"

Simple right? Ok, so now we have taken the images from your computer and put them on our Photobucket account. Now we want to share this image with members of the LOU community.

1.) Log into your photobucket account if you are not already.

2.) Scroll down to the bottom and you will see all the images you have uploaded. Click on the "IMG Code" text. This will AUTOMATICALLY copy the image code for you.

3.) Paste the image code into your message on the LOU Forum.


The code that you paste into your message will look similar to this (but longer):

That's it! Nothing to it and its very convenient and beneficial to both parties. Plus, you can use your photobucket account to post images on virtually any other message board out there.

I hope this little tutorial helps and please private message me with any questions you might have.

Kind regards,

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Now its even easier to post pictures. Simply select the "Add image to post" link and select the picture you want to display. Thats it! It even inserts the code directly into the message body for you. Enjoy! 8)

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Hi Tooth -

That is harder to do. We are still working on an easier way of doing something like that but right now the best way to do is to load the pictures to your PhotoBucket account and then take that link and post it into LOU. In time, we hope to develop an easier way than that.

Thanks -


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