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NJ on Monday pics/video

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Decided to hit the Lake in below feezing temps at 3am. Started out casting stickbaits on the points in less than 5 fow. I took a nice eye on my second cast. We were able to take 5-6 more before 6 when we went to the bait shop for coffee. Came back out and set up the jiggin' program. Took alot of nice fish from 3-7 lbs. A couple over 5 and two that were 7. :) I picked up a rod with 6lb test and a shad rap on and tried a few more casts whe n all the sudden the rod got heavy. :shock: After a few minute battle the video tell the rest of the site. check it out here. http://ardentangler.org/reports.html You will see the lil flash symbol , click on it. Back at it again tomorrow but not til 5am.







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