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I Bay Pike

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Fall fishing has been excellent and you know how little time we have left in the evenings when all the hungry fish are still preying.

Last Friday evening, first ten minutes, this brute took pike minnow and immediately broke the water surface. Took great ten minutes to finally tire down the fish and landed with a pole in one hand and net in the other hand. Two days earlier, I lost the fish when trying to reach out and grab the net at starboard behind the canvas.


Nice 34" about 7 lbs.


On Sunday a.m. went out again. Pike were not biting at all. Traffic, perhaps. Then, in front of me between my boat and the land, a wakeboat came crusing towing goofball doing some jumps on air board.

With all of water in the bay, this boat chose to speed off in between my boat and two other boats. Three of our boats were very close to the shore, yet that wakeboard boat zipped through.


If this has happened to you, what would you have done?

A) Flip the bird.

B) Aim hard with your old golf balls at the wakeboat driver and the goofball riding on airboard.

C) Pray to god you have very good defense lawyer after you fire upon them.

D) Do nothing and whine about it to your fellow fishermen on the LOU board.

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Pike hunter, I thought by now you'd come to expect such idiots, with all the I-bay fishing you do. Its unfortunate that such a great body of water is filled with the scum of rochester. I live a mile from the bay and drive right by it on emipre blvd every time I make the 45 minute+ drive to one of the finger lakes, because the few times I've been out there I have a similar experience. its just not worth it to me.

I'm not sure that anything would stop them. I think flipping them off would just egg them on to keep doing it. you cant tell me that they are just oblivious to what they're doing.

On the other hand, I've also had similar experiences on the FLs too, but they are so big that those situations are the exception, not the rule. I was in the shallows at the south end of Conesus early AM a couple weeks back, and there were NO other boats excpet another fishing boat in the shallows with me. A wakeboard boat decided to tow someone back and forth along the shallows within 50yds of us, even though the whole lake was empty. what a way to ruin a a glass calm fishing day.

until they make a law against it, it will keep happening. I do like your golf ball idea. I'm going to keep a 5 iron on board too - something else to throw when I run out of balls :lol:

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I was representing a fellow on some sort of minor traffic ticket in a small town court in Missouri, near Lake of the Ozarks. About 10 years ago, before I moved back to the finger lakes.

It was "DEC ticket night," and all the jet ski unregistered/underage/BWI scum-waffles were there trying to weasel out of their tickets. They suck as much in person as they do on the water.

I was talking to the DEC officer there that night, and asked him if one of these clowns got too close to my Lund, if I could shoot them.

The DEC officer looked me square in the eye, without so much as a grin, and said "do you need any bullets"?

True story.


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:lol: maybe we'll have to change the baitfish fund to: "the baitfish and bullets fund"

Careful what you wish for. I would love to see better enforcement, but don't a safety check, or them wasting my time tearing my boat apart looking for undersized fish....pick your poison carefully...

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Nice Pike! Where dju find him? I usually aim for the bay as it gets colder.

The clowns in I-Bay are annoying, but predictable for the most part. I've found that they stay to the South East quarter or right up the middle. They might be choosing the warmer, shallow water this time of year. It is disrespectful to drive that close to any fishermen, but we don't exactly look upon them with a whole lot of credit either. Tuck in and around Held's cove, or around any of the marshy areas and you won't have too much traffic to deal with. Remember that they are trying to enjoy the water just as much as you are, and are prob. just ignorant to how much space we prefer.

On the other hand, maybe a potato gun would get your point across!

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I was fishing in the premise around Held's cove where the goons thought they had the luxury to cruise through the shallow area. I was fishing in between 6 and 9 FOW where the pike hit the bait.

I try to be careful about where I chose to fish yet these goofballs managed to show up where they shouldnt be.

Indeed, I truly prefer fishing during the weekdays as compared to the weekends. Pike will still be there preying on anything that comes up along the weedlines year round.

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Pike Hunter,

I think I recognize that boat in your picture. I believe that knucklehead docks at Mayers and just got that boat this year. Several times I've seen him around the docks and he can't dock his boat to save his life. I've also seen him cruise through the dock channels doing about 15 knots and churning up quite a wake with his radio blasting.....maybe it's not him, but the boat looks familiar.....

- Chris (yellow Trophy on D-dock)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Im going out there in a few hours, and have an ope seat if anyone's interested. Prob. Bass and pike trolling/casting until dark, then perch fishing at the markers until 9:30 or so. I haven't heard any reports from I-Bay, so hopefully i'll find them and be able to report tomorrow.

P.S. - We're bringing a water balloon launcher just in case we get any goons!

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hey Sindale

wish I could join you-would love the chance to fish with an I-bay expert such as yourself.

pike and big I-bay perch are exactly what I want to do this afternoon (with maybe a few eyes thrown in later) but instead im sitting on a plane in newark. i'll wave as I drive by on empire on my way home :lol:

make sure to report back. I might brave the elements there for a few hours this weekend if its not nice enough to out for a full day on the FLs.

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Ha! I'm nowhere near expert trust me, but I've put some time in.... I could show you a few key spots.

I didn't make it on the water until just before dark and was disappointed in our catch. We only mustered a few silver bass :x We marked a ton hanging outside of Helds, and at the markers, just didn't present what they wanted I guess. I heard they've had luck on minnows, but I didn't have the time to stop by the bait store. Oh well, maybe we'll do better when it freezes over!

I might take a day or 2 off later in the month if the weather wants to stabilize again soon. Nitro, I'll try to post a day or 2 early to see if your up for a few hours on the bay. Did you make it out this past weekend? Anyone else heard any reports?

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hey Shane-

you did better than I, by a few hours and a couple of silver bass by my reconing!

I Almost made it out Sunday AM with the wife. when the weather turned out so good on Sunday AM I hitched the boat up and threw in the gear, but right when my daughter headed out for the day with her aunt, the front hit and it turned nasty. wife nixed that one...guess she's not hardcore :lol:

I'd go myself, but not too sure about launching alone without the docks. any way to load/unload by rope or does someone have to stay in the boat and motor on/off? thought it looked sort of tough with an 18ft-er.

definitely up for sneaking in some time on the bay. weekday early AM or mid-afternoons and evenings work, if I'm not travelling. LMK when you're targeting and I'll try to clear some time. :D:D


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