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Cayuga Cayuga 9/14/18 - personal best laker fishing day

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Had my best day of laker fishing this past Friday. I'm kind of new to freshwater fishing (mainly a saltwater guy as I live in NYC), so was really happy to connect on some quality lakers. When I've fished for lakers in the past, I've managed to jig up one fish over 4 -5 hrs of fishing, but was able to land 4 fish on Friday, and dropped 4 others. Largest went 29", and the smallest was around 26". All released to fight another day. 


Launched out of Taughannock on my kayak, and jigged soft plastic paddletails all day. Tried using a blade bait for a little while, but didn't get any hits on it. 


Caught fish in 80 - 100 ft of water. 


Regarding lakers, do you guys like eating them or is it mainly a CP&R? I was never really a big fan of eating freshwater fish, except for the occasionally perch/sunfish fish fry. 


Also have a question regarding salmon and brown trout. I haven't caught either of these guys on Cayuga. Do you guys specifically target them or do you catch them while jigging for lakers. I typically don't troll for fish as my main way of fishing, but will troll from fishing spot to fishing spot. 

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The fish are excellent to eat my customers rave about them.... and we love them too....


You will find browns where 55 degrees hits bottom...so a fishhawk probe for 150 that you can drop down will record temps in five degree increments to tell you the temp that particular day,..


you can get salmon jigging but easier trolling even then this time of year can be challenge...


Saturday was a rough day for me we only landed 7 lost four at back of boat temps and thermocline is breaking up I was reading  temps above 50 at 100 feet  previous week thermocline was set well at 70 below that dropped into the 40s fast..  that will move the fish around..

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Depending on what you like the smaller lake trout are nice grilled, (add your favorite seasoning), or look back to ERabbit post earlier this Summer where he cuts the fillets into boneless pieces, soaks in milk overnight, then coats in House-autry seafood coating and pan fries in oil.  We just finished dinner tonight cooked that way with yesterday's catch along with salt potatoes.....and of course your favorite beverage. 🍻

If you have a smoker you have another option..... I've been lucky enough to have some of Chowder's smoked Cayuga lake trout and it's top shelf!!

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