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Mexico PT Spring Brown Trout


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Hi everyone, I know this is kinda early. Next spring will be my first season out of Mexico Point for spring fishing, Can anybody tell me of any bad spots I need to stay away from? Love fishing in close to shore but being a new place I am worried about hitting something.


Thanks Greg

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3 hours ago, Ghunterk said:

Thanks for the info, are there any shallow areas ? sandbars or hidden boulders ? or spots that have 10' of water then all of a sudden you are in 2' ?

Generally no 10' to 2' scenarios, but water level, size and draft depth of your boat and how close you are going to grind yourself along the shore will make this a tougher question to answer.   I can generally say there are two areas to consider.   1) to the right of the boat launch inlet (when going out).  There are pin bouys there (usually) marking high rocks....how high I'm not sure....I avoid them (haha).  Also, I understand Catfish creek (if you use that inlet) is funky and has some sudden shallow stuff right in by the mouth.  I don't use that place so I can't say fully.  otherwise you are fine.  As good practice, if you are going to be right along the beach don't run on plane.  You can easily move just a little offshore and run at speed there going to-from Mexico point. 

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