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Went out of Sampson this morning for a quick trip aboard Reel Stories. The wind was certainly blowing pretty good when we put in a six rod spread about 7:15 and the lake still had a bump to it when we quit at about 10:15. We picked away at them from the start and then Nick said there's one, oh we're doubled, haha a triple, no wait that's 4...nope 5. That's right 5 out of the 6 rods fired giving me, Greg and Nick some laughs .... we managed to land them all. Capt. Nick was on his game today, we never changed a bait with all six rods taking fish this morning. I didn't count but i'm guessing we landed about 15 fish and the biggest Lamprey I've ever seen. Great morning on the water and fishing with good friends always makes it better.

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Well I would like to say it was due to our stellar abilities...lol....but truth be known, we left two in the rod holders until we could get to them and they stayed buttoned up. haha  Although we each were on our own while we were fighting and landing the first three.

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