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Went out of Sampson this morning for a quick trip aboard Reel Stories. The wind was certainly blowing pretty good when we put in a six rod spread about 7:15 and the lake still had a bump to it when we quit at about 10:15. We picked away at them from the start and then Nick said there's one, oh we're doubled, haha a triple, no wait that's 4...nope 5. That's right 5 out of the 6 rods fired giving me, Greg and Nick some laughs .... we managed to land them all. Capt. Nick was on his game today, we never changed a bait with all six rods taking fish this morning. I didn't count but i'm guessing we landed about 15 fish and the biggest Lamprey I've ever seen. Great morning on the water and fishing with good friends always makes it better.

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