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Just a note about this website. This is Frank KIttrick from Amishoutfitters warning everyone about fishing big store. I have never sold them anything and have no idea where they intend to get product from to fill orders. The same holds true with Cisco Fishing products, planer masts and rod holders. AS far as I can tell, they took the pictures and descriptions of products off the Fish USA website, but are selling items cheaper than wholesale and offering free shipping from China. Don't be fooled. If it seems too good to be true.............


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After all the discussion and warnings on the other thread, I couldn't believe there were still folks who were wondering whether this thing was legit. As if there was ever any doubt. The simple fact that not a single one of their "products" had ever been reviewed suggests that there was never an actual purchase made. It was obvious from the get-go. 


Thanks for the confirmation, Frank. It's not hard to conceive of how folks get duped without having access to vendors directly. This is what makes the Lake Ontario United community great (again?:rofl:)...people on both sides of the fence who are engaged and willing to step in when they see shenanigans. 

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