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Keuka Boat launch - South


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Is there any place to launch a boat at the South End of Keuka Lake. I've seen one launch down there but not sure if anyone willing to pay can use it or not. It looked like a little motel or something owned it or it was owned by the town??

Thank You,


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There are actually 2 launches there, the motel and the town launch. The Town is limited to residents, for reasons beyond me. Hammondsport has a snob element that is harsh on boaters. The Motel on the other hand will allow you to launch for a fee (or so I have been told)

Good luck

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great! that is good to hear. Is there any trouble launching early in the morning - is someone around or do they allow you to pay when you come back in??

I've heard similar comments before about H'port - it's too bad.

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