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Magnum metals downriggers


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 I asked the same question back in June. There are a few opinions posted in the Questions about Trout & Salmon Trolling topic. 

Jerryriggin posted some great comments about his experience with them.  I ordered one in June to try it out. Really impressed with the quality. 140 fpm speed was just right. The clutch system worked well with 16lb shark. It does require yearly lube with was included. Motor super quiet. I wish it came with cord caps though.  After fretting about it for two weeks, I shipped it back and bought 2 Pro Scottys. On my 25 ft boat with a 8 ft 10 in beam they take up a lot of space. Easily twice as big as the MM's. We'll see how next season goes with them. I would not hesitate to make another change.

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