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Wayne County Fishing Report for October 2, 2018

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Lake Ontario- Some charters are still trolling Lake Ontario waters for salmon, completing the best fishing in decades. Some two-year-old kings are coming from 300 to 400 feet of water. Last week the temps were 65 degrees on top and the same temperatures down to the bottom at 200 feet of water, so the kings were hard to find.


Steelhead and browns are also being caught. The steelhead are 20 to 40 feet down over 300 feet.


Pier fishing has been excellent with some matures coming from the Sodus Channel and the smaller Port Bay outlet. Cast out heavy spoons.


The recent rainfall (today) might open the end of Maxwell Creek, so the kings, browns and steelies can enter. There have been some browns in Hughes Marina’s lagoons, which are connected to the lake.


Click here to see the rest of this report on ILoveNYFishing.com.

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