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Sight Fishing Walleye + Rod Breaking Fight


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Can't believe I got this on video. The walleyes on God's River have a really nice and deep gold colour and fight hard since they are in the fast currents all the time. In this video, a walleye is free swimming in the river and hits my small 2-inch brook trout spoon very close to shore. in the second part of the video, I am fishing 3-mile rapids and trying to get some big brookies while this walleye had other plans and took me in the fast currents and broke my rod. Thanks for watching be sure to subscribe.


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When I was a young man, my Dad stumbled into a pile of Outdoor Life back issues from the 1950s,1960s, and 1970s. Every year since, come winter I unpack a year and re-read all twelve issues. One of my favorite stories is from regular contributor Erwin Bauer who had a three-part story about his trek into virgin wilderness in Canada in an area near God's Lake and God's River, Manitoba. It was relatively unexplored at that point. Those magazines contain some of the finest adventures I've ever read, and it amazes me to see how far we've come. One of the issues from the early '70s describes a new type of boat known as a "bass boat"...


Nice walleye. I've never been there, but it brings back memories.

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